Survey personality 8 april 2019

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Me myself & I

In maart 2019 heb ik een online persoonlijkheidstest afgenomen ontwikkeld door het VIA Institute on Character.

Deze vragen heb ik via een online survey aan mijn SLB studenten voorgelegd en aan studenten die ik begeleid in de module Bildung van de minor Doing Business with China.

Daarna heb ik de resultaten vergeleken tussen mij en de studenten en tussen de studenten onderling.

23. Open vraag personality:

When you have additional remarks, ideas or thoughts about what you think is the ideal study coach please add them here. (15) (N/A: 6)
 – I wasn’t sure about some of the questions, so please excuse the neutral answers.
– I think the ideal study coach is someone who is both professional and sympathetic to students. Sometimes a stern hand is necessary to guide a creative spirit. The opposite is equally true.
– A person who is book-smart and plays by the rules can also benefit from some free thinking. The ideal study coach should be reliably one or the other and needs to be paired up with a student who is the opposite. Its just better this way. Because it gives both sides the opportunity to see things from a different perspective. The two might not always agree on things but if they can meet in the middle, the student can benefit and the coach can also become a better educator by understanding the way their students think.
– Sadly things aren’t always ideal and this might not work for everyone, but I am optimistic because of my experience so far.
– Usually the coach advises the students but If I could for just one time give advice to my coaches it would be: Keep doing what you’re doing, but try to also surprise us once in a while. If you play by the book all the time, surprise us with a radical new idea. If you are a free thinker, surprise us with a stern stance on something. That sort of thing. When you reveal something about yourself, we will also reveal something about us.
– I hope my answers to this survey have been useful to you.
 – he is supposed to be thoughtful and try understand each of us as a separate individual, which he does
 – I think every study coach have their own abilities and capabilities. I think that we don’t have to change the teachers, we have to change the system that connects study coaches with a students. There must be a beter fit for both of them, realising this would result in a research to find out what are the weaknesses of the student and find the right coach for that exact conflict.
 – I found it hard to honestly answer these questions as we didn’t have frequent enough communication for listed qualities to get clearly pronounced
 – My study coach really helped me when I had a difficult period at school. Rather than strictly going through grades and school business, he takes a very sincere and personal approach really helped me feel better on a personal level.
 – –
 – I think I would appreciate if end of each querter we would at least receive an email that asks if we are doing fine and if we have any troubles and want to talk about them and we can schedule a meeting. So far I didn’t see any interest in the well-being of students from the side of the study coach.
 – Rene Dekker  he was a person who could help you only by being by your side.. He is my leader.
 – Again, I did no meet my study coach regularly, so I it is hard to form a concrete opinion

The Author

Saxion Creative Media & Game Technologies, Hoofddocent Saxion Living Arts, voorzitter Qua Art - Qua Science, bestuurslid Minor Doing Business with China, module-coördinator en docent Bildung Minor Tomorrow's World India, ontwikkelaar, coordinator en docent 2e-jaars Student Master Kunsteducatie (ArtEZ Zwolle)

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