Analyse vergelijking 8 Survey SLB juli 2018 met 4 april 2019

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In juli 2018 heb ik een evaluatie gedaan over mijn functioneren als studieloopbaanbegeleider. Deze evaluatie heb ik in april 2019 herhaald. Hieronder de analyse van de verschillen tussen de twee evaluaties.

16Open vraag juli 2018:

  • . If you have any remarks, please write them down here. (5) (N/A: 2)
  •  – Ruben treats us with respect and values our opinions. I’m glad to have him as a study counselor.
  •  – I just don’t want this to look like a fake or whatever but i really like Ruben not only as our study coach but also as a teacher/friend. I never feel bad approaching him and there is nothing i wouldn’t talk to him about. I am very happy to have Ruben as a study-coach because he does a really good job and I feel that all my clompains that I tell him don’t just get heard but he also takes actions.
  •  – Thanks to my study coach I was informed about both honours programs and the possibility to become an ambassador of the University. If he hadn’t informed us I wouldn’t know about them and I wouldn’t have applied! 

16. Open vraag study coaching april 2019

 If you have any remarks, please write them down here. (13) (N/A: 2)
 – Would be nice for study coaches overall to check on the state of ongoing issues their students have already from time to time, although I understand that it would take extra time.
 – I started out my study with a different coach. I have a positive opinion of both. Even though we don’t really know each other personally, I think I can trust both of them.
 – We need more compassion people like Ruben in our industry. It’s very easy to fall into the haze of this era and coaches like Ruben have the capability to calm the student and give them more confidence in themselves while at the same time pushing them to their limits to succeed. He provides a emotional safe net.  Emotionally for student, however you turn it, it’s a lot to take in, especially if you are a foreign student. 
– I think Ruben really helped a lot of student to calm down and look at the bigger picture.
 – Very trustworthy and pleasant person to have as a study coach, who is really willing an cabable to help students with their problems. 

– Only remark i could give would be the aproachability by email, it sometimes takes quite some time to get an answer.
 – –
 – I didn’t really have any study coaching meetings so my answers might not be significant.
 – No remarks
 – I do know my short comings in my study, my involvement in it should be daily. My coach should check in with me with automated e-mail or something to remind me if I go for a week without notifying whats going on. It would help the relations grow and also make the student go back to the study even during 12 hour working day.
 – Sometimes it feels like you are bit formal with your students. Just feel free and then we can also get you know better. It is hard when you “try being formal”.
 – We actually never met in person
 – I have seen my study coach once – if I remember correctly. Apart from that we had barely no contact. 

– I have to mention that that is fine with me. I did not feel like I needed help, and when I did I contacted him, and he set up a meeting rather quickly. This was already quite a while ago and don’t remember all the details to well, but as I recall he seemed interested to help me there, but never contacted me out of interest.

The Author

Saxion Creative Media & Game Technologies, Hoofddocent Saxion Living Arts, voorzitter Qua Art - Qua Science, bestuurslid Minor Doing Business with China, module-coördinator en docent Bildung Minor Tomorrow's World India, ontwikkelaar, coordinator en docent 2e-jaars Student Master Kunsteducatie (ArtEZ Zwolle)

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